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Self-Love and Empowerment

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Hello, I'm Robyn!
Owner & Founder of Eagle Medicine Coaching

I am dedicated coach passionate about helping spiritual trailblazers and entrepreneurs break free from the status quo and step into their true power. I help my clients to embrace their inner wisdom and medicines through the art of self-love and a blend of modern coaching techniques, land-based healing practices, and embodiment. I guide individuals on a transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.


My services are designed to help individuals like yourself, to unlock your full potential and create a life and business filled with purpose and clarity.


"My business and the services I provide is my 'heart work'. I believe everyone has gifts and medicines. Reason why I created Eagle Medicine Coaching to help serve others along their own journey of self development."


Holistic Coaching Services


At Eagle Medicine Coaching, our holistic coaching services are designed to help spiritual trailblazers and entrepreneurs reconnect with their true selves, embrace their inner wisdom, and navigate their personal and professional lives with purpose and clarity. 

Key Benefits:

  • Cultivate deep self-love and acceptance

  • Embrace your unique gifts and medicines

  • Foster a nurturing relationship with yourself and your business

  • Align your business with your personal values and purpose

  • Develop a resilient and empowering mindset

  • Overcome challenges and obstacles with confidence


Simran K.

Bow Valley College

"Robyn's dedication and impact on the community are truly commendable. Her work is both inspiring and transformative, and we are proud to have her as a part of our Bow Valley College alumni family. Her services have been exceptional, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a meaningful difference."

Danielle L.


"We enjoyed having Robyn as a speaker for the Innovate BC Webinar series. She brought the knowledge and the insight to creating a business with social impact. Her presentation was very informative and her delivery incorporated a lot of important cultural elements. It is great to see Robyn participating in many of the Cando initiatives that Cando has to offer."

Agnes C.

Starlings Community

“We are so grateful to have had Robyn join our peer mentorship program as a guest speaker. Robyn effortlessly created a safe space for all to share and inspired our participants by bravely sharing her story of overcoming adversity and moving into her purpose, providing insights and tools on how we can do the same. Thank you Robyn”.
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