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Leading with Love and Walking Through Life with Purpose.


Robyn Soulier-Ritchot
Coach, Emerging Facilitator and Speaker, and the Owner and Founder of Eagle Medicine Coaching

Pronouns: She/Her

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Meet Us
Eagle Medicine Creator and Special Guest 

My name is Robyn Soulier-Ritchot and my Spirit name is Spotted Eagle Women with a Message. I am 31 years old, and I am a First Nations Oji-Cree Women from Treaty 1 Territory, my band is Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation. I now reside on Treaty 7 Territory in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, AB). I am the owner and founder of Eagle Medicine Coaching.

So, before I go into details about "Who I Am" or who I think I am based on my professional career and knowledge I've obtained over the years, here is a little snippet of my story. 


Firstly, I am a real authentic person with a past just like the next person. I wasn't always confident in who I was, what I wanted in life or what I was working towards in terms of a future. However, I was certain with the idea that I was going to help others no matter what and that has consistently been my pursuit!

I know how it feels to not have help or support growing up and despite my upbringing and past hardships I devoted my career to help others along their entrepreneurial journey, however that may look. This is why I love what I do, this is my full circle moment. 


Fast forward today I now know what I want in this life, and I am not afraid to dream big! I love the women I am becoming each and every day and I practise what I preach when I say "don't ever give up on yourself" and if it's one thing I would like to share is believe you are capable of good things and good things will prosper. 


So, who am I? I am a resilient, humble, proud Indigenous matriarch that comes from a strong lineage of storytellers, leaders, speakers and healers. I am a mother, sister, friend, daughter, grand-daughter, aunty and a cousin to many. 

I am innovative, driven and passionate about my work, reason why I call it "heart work" because it comes from a place that serves me just as much as the person or organization I am currently working with.


I believe connection to land and community is what guides me. I honour Indigenous values and ways of knowing and I practise reciprocity in all aspects of my life. This is what keeps me accountable and responsible in the work I do. 

I want to help entrepreneurs at all stages to thrive and grow within their business model discussing ways to address social challenges or injustices. Also, while prioritizing wellness and discovering one's entrepreneurial purpose through honouring the gifts and medicines they carry.


I envision building my coaching business on a foundation of learning and development, creating new path ways for professional and personal growth. 

Helping, healing and finding my way through this work is what I was always destined to do.

As for my educational background I have a diploma in Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship and Health and Human Services Management. I have held positions as a Project Coordinator, eCommerce Advisor and currently as a Business Strategist.


I have volunteered my time and services in the past to others coaches, Indigenous organizations and was a Pow Wow Pitch Mentor in 2022. 

In 2021 I delivered a powerful speech called "A New Legacy" through RavenSPEAK Emergence. You can view the full video below.

In 2022 I completed LIFT Your Leadership Cohort alongside some other amazing entrepreneurs and I had the privilege of PowHERhouse create and Amplify Profile on my behalf showcasing my coaching business. You can find the full document on their landing page or please see document below. 

In 2023 I received a certification of completion for Indigenous Coaching with Kendal Netmaker through Cando. As well as receiving another certificate for ITFL Training - Indigenous Tools For Living. 

I will never stop perusing opportunities that I believe will help me elevate as a person and a professional. Learning never stops, knowledge is power; I will forever be a humble student reason I commit myself to per said opportunities that push me to learn and grow. 

This is an important takeaway in becoming the person or professional you dream to be. Take every opportunity you see viable and seize your moment(s). All you have to do is reach out and show up!


- Robyn S.R


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