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Eagle Medicine Coaching

From the 7 Sacred Grandfather Teachings, Eagle teaches us love.


Love is medicine, love is healing, love is honoring who we are and sharing things we love brings joy and balance to our life and the world we live in.

At Eagle Medicine Coaching we serve to help entrepreneurs to explore, share and celebrate the gifts and medicine's they carry, allowing them to connect to their story and develop guiding principles that are aligned with social good and economic sustainability. By also incorporating wellness approaches to successfully running their businesses. 


When we love what we do in our professional careers, we need to be mindful of our wellness and how we create and walk in our purpose. The choices and decisions we make along our entrepreneurial journey, reaches out like a rippling effect in our economy and future generations. 


Your journey begins with you, start learning, growing and developing new attributions of care and love into your personal life and business.


Connect today with Robyn Soulier-Ritchot at Eagle Medicine Coaching.


"Helping, healing and finding my way through this work is what I was always destined to do. That's why I created Eagle Medicine Coaching" 

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